Laboratory Furniture

Continuous steel countertop with shielded storage

Radiation Shielding, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of lead-lined laboratory furniture for use in laboratories, nuclear pharmacies and nuclear medicine departments where radionuclides or radioactive sources are used, handled or stored.

Radiation Shielding, Inc. offers a complete selection of laboratory furniture.


All of our lead-lined laboratory furniture can be economically customized to meet your exact specifications.


Shielded cabinet with shelves extended

Radiation Shielding, Inc. lead-lined laboratory furniture feature AISI 304 #3 brushed stainless steel exteriors and interiors and stainless steel counter tops with an optional backsplash and/or optional marine edge (spill-proof lip). The lead shielding is completely encased with stainless steel; there is no exposed lead. All drawers and doors feature robust hinges and drawer glides and are available with key locks. All shelves can be either fixed or adjustable.

When multiple units are ordered, they can be grouped with under a single, seamless stainless steel counter top.


Multiple compartment shielded cabinet with continuous countertop

Radiation Shielding, Inc. lead-lined laboratory furniture typically feature 0.25, 0.5, 1.0 or 2.0 inch lead shielding, but any thickness lead shielding is available.

Radiation Shielding, Inc. lead-lined laboratory furniture can be easily moved with a standard pallet jack.

Shielded barrel under stainless steel counterCabinet with large drawerTwo stainless steel shielded cabinets