L-Block Shields

L-block ShieldRadiation Shielding, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of L-block shields to provide a protected work area when performing quality assurance activities and unit dose preparation of low and high energy radionuclides.


Radiation Shielding, Inc. L-block shields are constructed of machined sheets of solid lead or machined interlocking lead bricks. The L-block shields can be manufactured any size you wish. The L-block shields feature modular construction and can easily be assembled on site without lifting equipment. No component weighs more than 50 pounds. Easy to follow assembly instructions are included.


Radiation Shielding, Inc. L-block shields feature interlocking lead brick shielding in the front and base so there is no possibility of radiation shine. The lead shielding is typically from 0.5 to 2.5 inches thick, but can be any thickness you desire.

Viewing Window

Radiation Shielding, Inc. L-block shields feature 5.2 g/cm3 lead glass windows that are protected on both sides with clear polycarbonate to prevent scratching. The windows can be any size with any thickness of lead glass. The viewing window can be at any fixed angle that you specify or the angle can be adjustable.


Radiation Shielding, Inc. L-block shields feature seamless AISI 304 #3 brushed stainless steel exteriors.

L-block shieldL-block shield