Waste Containers for Low Energy Waste

Low energy waste containerRadiation Shielding, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of lead-lined waste containers for rapid and safe disposal of low-energy beta and gamma waste such as gloves and other small items.


Radiation Shielding, Inc. lead-lined storage containers are constructed of machined sheets of solid lead covered with AISI 304 #3 brushed stainless steel inside and out. The typical container is 12 in. wide x 10 in. deep x 24 in. high but containers can be manufactured any size and any configuration you wish. The container features two lifting handles to make it easy to remove the top to empty the decayed contents.


Low energy waste container

The lead shielding is typically 0.25 in. but can be any thickness you desire. The unique lid design with a hinged door shields the technician from the contents of the container even when the lid is open.